Selecting the Right Hedge Trimmer

Hedges give spectacular look to your garden only when they are in well-shape & for this, you need to maintain them properly to retain their beautiful look. Hedges are often a favorite option for marking boundaries around your home or adding elements of privacy. Apart from giving a wildlife style look to your garden, these hedges often serve as a sturdier alternative to fences. While roaming around your garden, if you see the long tails of hedges popping out from everywhere across your landscape, it’s time to groom them with perfect trimming. To give them a beautifully manicured, healthy look, you need to purchase the right model of hedge trimmer.

hedge trimmer

Using proper hedge trimmers, trimming rows of bushes and shrubs becomes much easier and you can quickly and easily free up space in your garden by giving them, a neat and tidy look, all year round. Being a simple, easy to use electric tool, a hedge trimmer can work wonders for you if proper model as per your requirements is selected.

Just imagine if someone tells you to trim down hedges with manual shears; it is at this time, you’ll know just how much important a good hedge trimmer can be. These hedge trimmers’ saves time and averts your aching arms thereby delivering a tidy & clean look to your hedges. To get the most from your new hedge trimmer, it’s important that you choose the right model.

There are plenty of options to choose from but of course, a right model needs to be selected as per your needs and budget. Here we bring you as what things you should look out for before buying a hedge trimmer:


There are 3 power types available – petrol, electric and battery – and each come with their own pros and cons. For instance, both electric and battery operated hedge trimmers are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre compared to a hedge trimmer that runs on petrol, but the power offered is less. Other features of an electric hedge trimmer include there being a constant power source, although they are restricted by the length of cord available. The battery powered models although lightweight often have a limited power supply; and petrol trimmers whilst more powerful are also often heavier and noisier.

Length of blade hedge size

The thumb rule here is the more long the blade, the quicker you’ll get rid of your hedges. But what if you’ve small bushes and shrubs, then a smaller blade should suffice your need. So look out for the blade length & hedge size as per your hedges and trimming needs.

Blade styles

There are two options in blade styles – single sided & double sided. Single-sided hedge trimmers are designed mainly for straight sections of hedge whereas double-sided hedge trimmers are designed for trimming hedges up to chest height.


You should always give stress on choose a hedge trimmer which is not too heavy to hold and is light in weight.


The most important feature to look for in hedge trimmer is the safety part. While buying, just ensure that the hand guard is there which usually prevents the hedge scrap from getting thrown back towards the person. Another important feature is the safety switch on both the handles which ensures that trimmer is not started until both the handles are gripped. This feature protects your hands from an injury.

Noise levels

All power tools, including hedge trimmers are quite loud. However, some electric and cordless models are so quiet; they probably won’t bother the neighbors too much. So select the one having tolerable noise level.


Look out for a model that has atleast a 2-year warranty. Models-rated for commercial use may carry-warranties for as long as 5 years for homeowners.

So before making an investment in hedge trimmer, do your homework and select the best one that can keep your garden in shape throughout the year.

Happy hedge trimming!